Xona Rotor X3C XR8264S Ultra High Flow Turbocharger - 430-860HP
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Xona Rotor X3C XR8264S Ultra High Flow Turbocharger - 430-860HP

Xona Rotor

Xona Rotor X3C XR8264S Ultra High Flow Turbocharger - 430-860HP

The Ultra High Flow turbine wheel brought to us by Xona Rotor! It’s pretty rare that we get to talk about win win scenarios in this industry. Most performance benefits come with a cost, but the truly innovative design behind the UHF Turbine Wheel really does bring you the best of both worlds. Instead of profiling the wheels to be less efficient, or reducing the number of blades the turbine wheel has to power the compressor wheel, Xona Rotor staggers the blade profiles. Large over short, repeats to a conventional wheel count, but still reduces the amount of material needed to produce the wheel, therefore reducing the overall weight.

The wheel design still effectively captures air but alleviates back pressure by simply providing shorter blades to allow the exhaust gasses to slip by. What you get is a lightweight turbine wheel that spools faster than a conventional wheel due to weight, but maintains enough blade surface area to capture exhaust gasses even at lower flow while still alleviating top end back pressure restrictions by allowing exhaust to easily escape by the turbine wheel!

Xona Rotor still offers every major turbo in their standard, non staggered wheel designs because, after all, more blades will always make for more low end efficiency and there are a lot of set ups that can benefit from the higher blade count. This is why picking the right turbo is so important. Call one of our professional staff. We want to talk turbo with you and help you determine what it is that is going to help you accomplish your goals.

Picking the right turbo for your setup can improve everything about the experience you receive when driving your car… and it can even save you a ton of money and headaches when you pick the right one ahead of time!


  • Variable preload angular contact two-row ball bearing cartridge.
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine.
  • Highs strength, lightweight fully-machined stainless steel center housing.
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly.
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter.
  • Metallic bearing cages.
  • New staggered wheel design alleviates back pressure and spools faster without reducing the number of blades!

This Turbo Compares To: Garrett GTX3584RS, Borg Warner EFR8374, and PTE 6466 Gen 2

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