COMP 6.4L and 5.7L HEMI VVT 270 Camshaft
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COMP 6.4L and 5.7L HEMI VVT 270 Camshaft

Comp Cams
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COMP 6.4L and 5.7L HEMI VVT 270 Camshaft
Looking to get the most power out of your new Dodge Challenger, Charger, or any other HEMI powered vehicle. COMP Cams has designed a new camshaft that works with your vehicles VVT system, which allows for real time adjustment of the camshaft. By utilizing proprietary phaser lockers and limiters to allow for the use of the VVT system, COMP Cams has once again proven why they are a leader in high performance camshafts. These cams are made from billet cores to ensure that they can stand up to any type of application. They are made using modern high precision machinery giving you the best possible throttle response and overall performance. COMP also made these cams in a way that prevents you from being forced to change the valve springs, as they give the proper piston to valve clearance on stock parts.
  • Chrysler 5.7 & 6.4L
  • RPM Range: 2100 - 7100
  • Int. Advertised Duration: 270
  • Exh. Advertised Duration: 283
  • Int. Duration @ .050: 222
  • Exh. Duration @ .050: 230
  • Int. Lift: .615
  • Exh. Lift: .609
  • Lobe Sep. Angle: 115
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